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Harry cast Draco a look of utter disgust, which was of course returned with the same snide smirk. Draco Malfoy lay sprawled across the handsome couch in the Gryffindor common room, as if he owned the place, his head resting comfortably in Ally's lap. Ally's delicate fingers begin stroking Malfoy's white blonde hair gingerly, and Harry was reminded of a similar scene. He thought back to the many hours he'd spent aboard the Hogwarts Express, and remembered how Pansy used to stoke Malfoy's hair, beaming down at him, her eager fingers never stopping. Then he had to smother a chuckle as he also remembered her accidently catching his eye lid with her long nails.  

                Draco too remembered. He rubbed his eye, marveling how much better Ally was at this. She puts you to shame, Pansy, he thought amusingly, laying his arm across his stomach in a leisurely manner. Pansy Parkinson, a fellow Slytherin, had been falling all over him ever since first year. She was such a silly little thing. Draco closed his eyes pleasurably, breathing deep as Ally's slender fingers sifted through his hair once more. The girl's fingers were truly magic, he thought dizzyingly. Her touch was so soft, so relaxing, yet absolutely electrifying. When Pansy had set to grooming him, he'd allowed it. After all he did deserve to be fawned over and made a fuss about.  He didn't blame her in the least for wanting him, he expected it really, but he was not the least bit interested in her. As impressed as he was by the damage she'd done to Granger's dwindling self esteem, there just wasn't anything remotely exciting about Pansy, with her severe Cleopatra haircut and quick dark eyes. Honestly she meant about the same to him as Crabbe and Goyle.

                He was a Malfoy after all. Didn't he deserve the absolute best? He suspected that's why he'd never had his own girl before now. There simply hadn't been any good enough, none nearly equal to his magnificence. He suddenly smirked looking up at Ally, who was talking to the Ginger as she stroked his hair.


                He started to get chills as he looked up at his prize, her long ringlets hanging tantalizingly above him. Ally Summerhaze. He marveled at his own brilliance. How had he done it? How had he managed to snare such a gorgeous girl? She was perfection. Every look, every touch, every one of those bloody cute giggles excited him like he never knew he could be. Listen to me, he thought sniggering. Draco never used to think giggles of all things were cute. He used to hate them. Pansy would giggle all the time and it quickly became an annoyance, a peeve of his among many. But when Ally giggled, when the girl even spoke it was like a song, a very intoxicating song……. A year ago if you would have told him he was going to not only be dating a Gryffindor, but also one of Harry Potter's close friends, he'd have broken your nose and called you a half-witted twit at the very idea. His gaze washed back over Ally, and he finally gave in, and reached for those shining curls, his fingers grazing across them as if they were wind chimes. Now….. he considered it to be a dream come true.

He'd come to like the idea that she was a Gryffindor, especially since all the rest of them hated him. He loved how he could come and go through the Gryffindor common room as he pleased, how they'd scowl at him, forced to see their old enemy in their own house. As for Potter, well Ally being his friend was the icing on the cake. He thoroughly enjoyed this new way of getting to Potter, kissing Ally in front of him, knowing well that the "chosen one" couldn't stand the idea of them together. It was his favorite way to taunt Harry these days, and he did it quite often.  As if he even needed another reason to kiss his girl, he thought smugly. Draco studied Ally's warm features, letting his pale blue eyes go slowly over each detail. You are mine, my pretty little Gryffindor, he thought slyly.  And then he blushed as another thought popped into his head. And I am yours… Somehow they had fallen under each other's spell. A spell that he hoped would forever remain unbroken.
A little snippet of Drally I wrote after getting jealous of the hair stroking scene with Draco and Pansy on the train in Half Blood Prince ;) Eventually I would like to weave this in with one of my fanfictions!
DracosRoseAlly22 Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Ohmigosh I could not agree more! ^_^ I mean Harry's cute in the "Puppies are adorable!" kind of way...... but I've never seen ANY man so incredibly dashing, so flawlessly gorgeous as our favorite Sly Slytherin Bad Boy! ;) Honestly, when I write for Draco I really never know what he's going to say! It's like he's writing for himself haha!
sharkjunkie Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
See draco was always one of my favorites plus hes was more attractive than Harry.
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